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How to design the perfect live rig for complete control in Ableton, Main Stage, and Reason. - without the guesswork, glitches, and restrictive limitations

What We'll Cover:

How specifically to setup your live rig for maximum flexibility (with specific examples for Mainstage, Ableton & Reason)

The most important controls to have available to you at all times

The redundancies I have in place in order to be sure I never get "caught off guard" live.

How to learn this well enough to pull it off this Sunday - THIS WILL ALL BE APPLICABLE TO YOU IMMEDIATELY

Mainstage concert and patch examples, routing, midi, etc

Ableton Bus strategy for maximum flexibility

OUTCOME: After this 2 hour video workshop, you'll be able to build out your dream Live Patches Rig in Ableton, Reason or Mainstage that gives you more control then you thought possible, more musicial expression than the typical templates, and FINALLY get back to enjoying your setup.

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